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château l’isle fort 

cuvée précieuse


In-depth knowledge of the reactivity of the vineyard made it possible to select around 2 hectares made up of each of the 3 grape varieties, taking into account the consistency of their maturity and the relevance of their blending. The lessons learned from this highly-followed vinification allow the beneficial results to be applied the whole Isle Fort vineyard.

The desire to preserve this surrounding biodiversity and to be in symbiosis with it has led to a plot-based vinification method, in harmony with the existing flora and fauna.
The root system is brought to feed in depth to extract its original expression and its naturalness in all its safeguarded integrity from the soil.


The Cuvée Précieuse of Isle Fort is a wine structured from aromatic riches that its terroir naturally transmits to it.
The right plant expression of soils in the fullness of their aromas.

Vinification Techniques

  • Alcoholic fermentation in concrete vats Fermentation time: 21 to 28 days Malolactic fermentation in partial barrels

  • Particularity of vinification and/or aging: manual sorting table and vat by gravitation seed by seed then vinification in whole grain; crushing with alternation of small fractioned winding works with manual watering of the grounds; use of a pneumatic press with selection of press wines; aging in separate lots until final assembly.

  • Aging: 100% new 1/3 barrels - 1/3 one wine - 1/3 two wines.  Duration: 12 to 14 months Cooperers: Taransaud, Ana Sélection

  • Average production of 10,000 bottles

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